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A New Solution by New Double Glazing Window

Why use the double glazing window?

The double glazing window will become your helping hand that provides much better window insulation than single blazing. Furthermore, there are a few of different features to look for that highly affect the performance of double glazing window. First of all, the double glazing window has a special way of work by creating an insulating layer between two panes of glass. The insulation layer itself can be normal air or any special heavy gasses. It lets in as much sunlight as single glaze window did, except their holds in the heat will be much better.



After all, I can say that double glazing window is standard in most of new houses. I can say that it will be worth of money to install the double glazing window in an existing house anytime your windows need substantial repair or replacing. It would be better if you install the double glazing window o the main heated areas on your house and where there are large windows. The best double glazing windows would halve the heat loss through the window, reduce any external noise, significantly improve thermal comfort on your house and reduce any condensation that build up in the cold weather.


Optimizing your double glazing window

You should look for frames that thermally broken or you also can find the one that being made from an insulating material such as u – PVC or wood. These kinds of materials are less likely to attract condensation and eventually lose less heat than the windows with standard aluminum frames. For your information, standard aluminum frames often times attract more of condensation when the weather is freezing even with the double glazing window system. If you compare standard aluminum frames, thermally broken aluminum frames would reduce any window heat loss by 20% while PVC or wooden frames by 40%.

It also be a great idea to get the low – emissivity glass because it allow light and heat in but at the same time reflect escaping heat back inside your room. This type of glass would cuts any window heat loss problem by 20% to 30% compared to double glazing window without using the low – emissivity glass. To keep draughts, noise and moisture out from your place, you can get multiple layers of good seals because the joint between the glazing unit and the frame would also need to be well – sealed. For the spacers, it will be a good idea to look the one that being made from plastic or stainless steel to separate the glass panes to reduce any heat loss and condensation at your glass edge. Finally, inert gas filling (Argon) would always acts as a better insulator than air filling.

Eco – Friendly Double Glazing Window

The economic double glazing window

I think, it is a little bit obvious that double glazing window is more expensive than single glazing window. But, you can count the initial cost should be offset thanks to the saving it made by reducing any energy required to heat up and cool down your home and also counts the subsequent carbon emissions. The double glazing window will negate the need of expensive heavy duty curtains and adding more of capital value to your home. But to calculate on how much bucks you will spend on the double glazing window, let’s do the counting. First of all, there are plenty choice of style and design option that you can choose from on double glazed window. Every single choice you make will affect the price you pay later. The common extra or variations generally will include the wood effect uPVC frames that cost around 15% to 20% more expensive than plain white frames, Aluminum frames that cost 30% to 50% more expensive than white uPVC frames, A – rated glass instead of B – rated that will adds up to 10% to the cost and lastly the higher window because basically there is no extra charge to install windows on the first floor level. In the other hand, the second floor or higher may incur some extra cost.



Energy saving double glazing window

However, the double glazing window doesn’t impede solar heat gain but will still allow winter sun penetration while the unprotected double glazing window will still require appropriate summer shading. Basically, the best solution for managing solar heat gain will eventually shade your North and West facing windows in the summer season but it will allow the sun to stream through in the winter season. The tinted glass will reduce any heat transfer in the summer season but equally prevent the valuable solar heat gain in the winter season. When the sun is off, the glass on your double glazing window will effectively insulates your home from heating up in the summer season and prevents any heat loss in the winter season.  One thing for sure, all properties would lose heat through their window, but the same thing won’t happen with double glazing window. The energy efficient glazing will keeps your home warmer and quieter as well as reducing any energy bills. There is no doubt that you can get a huge benefit from your double glazing window. You can get a smaller, energy bills, smaller carbon footprint, you can get more comfortable at home (it means you get fewer draughts and cold spots), peace and quiet (keep the heat in and insulate your home against external noise) and reduce any condensation build – up on the inside of windows.